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"This book provides a viewpoint into the internal world of autistic children, illuminating how they think, what needs buttressing in their development, and how to provide these supports."

-Stephen Shore, EdD, Assistant Professor of Special Education at Adelphi University

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 the Uniquely Normal Manual


“Rob Bernstein’s approach promotes the kind of change that enhances children because it’s organic and helps them develop from inside rather than from external pressure. What I think is also critical to understand is there is a context for this work: Rob creates a safe space for a child to grow. It’s more than acceptance; he joins the child’s experience and is wholly nonjudgmental. It’s critical to ask ourselves if we’re sending double messages about our attitudes, and if the child has a safe place to take risks and change.” 

- Dr. Marcia Eckerd

More About Robert J. Bernstein

Robert J. Bernstein has been treating children on the autism spectrum for more than 35 years. He is on the Board of Directors of the ARC and the US Autism Association. He hosts a monthly webinar with the US Autism Association and a podcast "Uniquely Normal" available on Apple Podcasts, both of which are followed internationally. He has appeared on Dateline NBC, hosted "Educating Your Child," a call-in radio show, and conducted dozens of seminars and presentations. 


Rob’s previous book on autism "Uniquely Normal," won 6 awards, including the Gold Medal "Psychology and Mental Health" (Independent Publisher Book Award).

First Place Award "Psychology and Mental Health" (Best Book Awards).

Winner for "Parenting and Family" (New Generation Book Awards).

Top Autism Assessment and Treatment Author" (Autism Parenting Magazine) and, Silver Medal for "Parenting and Family" (Living Now Book Award). 


Rob has presented for the National Association of Autism, Columbia University, and the New Jersey Autism Center of Excellence. He’s been a featured speaker on international autism summits, including the US Autism Association’s World Conference, the India Inclusion Summit, Autism Parenting Magazine’s International Summit, and PESI.

Robert is also conducting workshops around the country on The Bernstein Cognitive Method and the Uniquely Normal book as well as the

Uniquely Normal Manual. 


Rob’s an international consultant working with autistic children in schools, including school districts and SEPTA groups across the USA, UK, and India. He consults on work with individual children with school teams as well as providing educational training, guidance and ongoing supervision for schools at all educational levels.

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